Refunding donations

If you've made a donation via Enthuse and would like to receive a refund, here's how we can help.

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This article is for donors

All donors via Enthuse can receive a refund of their donation in accordance with our refund policy, which can be found in our Donor FAQs here.

If you'd like to receive a refund of your donation, all you need to do is contact us and we'll be happy to provide support. Alternatively, the charity you've donated to can do this too.

In some cases, we will be unable to refund a donation.

Some examples are:

  • When we have already paid the funds to the charity

  • When a Charity processes all refunds

In these cases you should contact the charity directly.

We can issue refunds up until we've paid the funds to the charity you donated to.

After this point, you'll have to contact the charity directly, as Enthuse are no longer holding the funds.

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