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How Enthuse is different from other platforms
How Enthuse is different from other platforms

How Enthuse differs from other fundraising platforms

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Our platform creates better experiences for supporters and higher brand recall for charities. How do we do this? By personalising website pages to put the charity's brand first.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, Enthuse understands the importance of showcasing a charity's brand. By doing so, we create a more memorable experience for donors, increasing the likelihood of them returning to the site to donate again.

But don't just take our word for it. We're proud to say that our personalised approach has resulted in a 43% increase in donations through branded payment pages. This means more funds for good causes and a stronger connection with supporters.

So how exactly does Enthuse's fundraising technology work? It's simple. We work with charities to create customised website pages that reflect their brand and mission. This includes using the charity's logo, colours, and messaging throughout the donation process.

Not only does this create a more cohesive and professional look for the charity, but it also helps to build trust with donors. When donors see a familiar and trusted brand, they are more likely to feel confident in their donation and return to donate again in the future.

In addition to personalised branding, Enthuse's fundraising technology also offers a user-friendly and secure donation process. Our platform is optimised for all devices, making it easy for supporters to donate on the go. And with our secure payment processing, donors can feel confident that their information is safe and protected.

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