Enthuse and Discover Adventure FAQs

The details of using Enthuse for Discover Adventure fundraising

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About the partnership

Who is Enthuse?

Founded in 2012, Enthuse is a fundraising, donations and events registration technology provider that has helped thousands of charities raise millions of pounds.

Charities can customise Enthuse’s solution under their own brand, and be in control of their own data. This allows charities to build and nurture a loyal supporter base, raise more funds and ultimately have more impact.

Why Enthuse?

Enthuse has been appointed as the official online fundraising platform for Discover Adventure series of events. ​Discover Adventure was looking for a fundraising partner that would provide the best possible service for charities, participants and their donors. Enthuse offers an innovative fundraising platform and a transparent charging model that puts the charity’s brand first and helps them maximise their fundraising.

​Discover Adventure were impressed with Enthuse's commitment to using technology to improve user experience. Through our innovative approach to transforming digital fundraising the partnership will help partner charities to raise millions more for good causes.

What are the benefits of using Enthuse?

Fundraising pages will be fully branded with the logo and colours of the charity that the participant has chosen to support. Enthuse puts the charity in control of its communications and data. The partnership means charities will have full access to real-time fundraising and donations data and insights and analytics for their supporters participating in any of the portfolio of events run by Discover Adventure via a centralised account for all events.

For participants, fundraising page creation will be integrated with the event registration process, making it easy to set up fundraising pages and start raising money right away.

Is Enthuse experienced in fundraising for mass challenge events?

Enthuse is proud to have powered thousands of events for thousands of good causes since 2012. Enthuse has also processed more than 3.5 million registrations for over 20,000 events and helped raise millions for charity. Enthuse is also the official fundraising partner for London Marathon Events and the Great Run Series.

Market Positioning

How does Enthuse differ from other fundraising platforms?

Enthuse is a B2B platform, which means we put charities first – quite literally with an individual charity’s brand and logo at the forefront of official Discover Adventure fundraising pages. We believe this is a better experience for supporters than offered by consumer platforms and means the fundraising pages that participants share with family, friends and peers create a network brand awareness effect for each charity.

Enthuse also puts charities in control of their own data and marketing communications, and never emails supporters with details of competing fundraising campaigns. It also commits to never resell a charity’s data.

How can we convince our fundraisers to use Enthuse instead of setting up on other fundraising platforms?

When participants register for an event via the Discover Adventure website or event registration platform, a fundraising page will be created for them on the official fundraising platform, powered by Enthuse. This is a frictionless and easy user journey – all without the need to create an account – which means they can start fundraising sooner and raise more.

Registration and support

What’s the registration process for charities that have partnered with Enthuse in the past?

Charities that haven’t partnered with us before need to complete the onboarding process in order to receive funds raised for their causes, as well as benefit from branded fundraising pages and real-time data.

What’s the registration process for charities that have partnered with Enthuse in the past.

Charities that have worked with us before will be able to access funds raised by participants. Please do get in touch with our team if you want a refresher on the platform or have lost access to your Enthuse account

What’s the registration process for charities that work with Enthuse now?

Charities that currently use our platform will be able to access funds raised by participants and view data related to Discover Adventure events within your existing Enthuse account. Please do get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Who do charities contact if they need support with Enthuse’s fundraising pages?

Please use the messenger function on http://Enthuse.com or email [email protected]

Can fundraisers contact Enthuse directly or will they contact the charity for support?

If fundraisers have a technical issue with their fundraising page then the charity of the fundraiser can visit http://Enthuse.com and use the messenger function or email [email protected]

Who will communicate with supporters and when in the process can they expect communication?

The charity owns the relationship with supporters and donors based on its customisable marketing opt-in statement. Enthuse is a B2B brand that puts charities first, so it never emails supporters with details of competing fundraising campaigns. Enthuse may send system/ transactional emails such as donation receipts.

Will my charity need to provide specific branding for pages set-up?

Enthuse will configure the branding initially based on the charity’s website.

My charity has an arrangement with another online giving provider and therefore doesn’t want to be registered with Enthuse?

It is the choice of the charity if they wish to be registered to receive funds from the official fundraising platform powered by Enthuse. It is not a requirement, however the charity could lose out on entry participants across all of Discover Adventure events and would have no online presence on any of the official fundraising platforms powered by Enthuse.

The Enthuse support team will be able to help if a charity wishes to be removed from the platform. Please contact [email protected]

Fees and payments

Does Enthuse use tipping or donor cover fee?

Discover Adventure and Enthuse are using tipping as default.

How long will it take for the donations to reach the charity after the fundraising event?

We pay donations to your charity every Monday.

Will Gift Aid be an option during fundraising?

Yes, supporters can register for Gift Aid when they donate.


Can participants fundraise for multiple charities with Enthuse?

No, participants can fundraise for one charity per fundraising page.

What will happen to deferred places?

Participants whose place has been rolled over will be able to transfer their fundraising from another platform to Enthuse by using the offline donation tool to represent donations from another page.

What do we tell our fundraisers who are looking to set up a fundraising page?

A page will be created for them automatically when they sign-up. If they’ve already signed-up they can set up a page from your charities own event profile. You can find the link to these from your Enthuse account under Manage > Connected platforms.

How can fundraisers use Enthuse fundraising pages to raise more for charities?
Fundraisers can take some simple steps, many of which are prompted by email reminders on the Enthuse fundraising wizard.

  1. Upload a profile picture to raise 10 times more

  2. Set a fundraising target and make a donation to the page to get the fundraising started

  3. Quickly and easily upload your previous fundraising amount if you have a deferred ballot place and have already raised funds using the offline donation feature

  4. Customise the story section to explain why you are taking part and raising money for the cause

  5. Share the page on social media, email and Whatsapp, as well as ask others to do the same

  6. Upload photos, videos and live stream to encourage interaction

Enthuse puts the charity’s brand first, meaning more donors will remember the cause and go on to donate in the future. You don’t have to lift a finger; Enthuse does this for you

What do I do if the fundraiser can’t find my charity?

There will be the option for the fundraiser to ask Enthuse to add a charity to its database within the registration process. This request will go to the Enthuse team who will contact the charity in order to have them added for the fundraiser. Alternatively the charity can email [email protected] with the details of the event you’d like to be added to, and our team can ensure your charity is featured.

My fundraisers have started fundraising before they are registered with the Discover Adventure. How can I direct them to set up a fundraising page on Enthuse before they complete their registration on the official entry console?

Charities can find the direct link to each events profile page from within the Enthuse back office under Manage > Connected Platforms. , which will have a call to action where supporters can set up a fundraising page.
Charity place participants will also be automatically offered a fundraising page when they register for the event via one of the Discover Adventure registration platforms

Reports and insight

What types of reports are available?

Charities will have full access to real-time fundraising and donations data, insights and analytics for their supporters participating in any of the Discover Adventure national series of events via a centralised account.

Can I contact fundraisers and donors about other events?

Yes, if they have opted into your custom marketing consent statement that gives permission to do this.

Fundraising FAQs

Does Gift Aid count towards my fundraising target?

Yes, Gift Aid ensures that your donation will go even further by adding 25 per cent on top of every donation and counts towards your fundraising target.

How can I see who’s donated to my page?

Simply view your fundraising page. Keep in mind some people may donate anonymously. You’ll also receive an email every time someone makes a donation to your page.

How do I thank my supporters?

Find out how you can post messages of thanks on your fundraising page by clicking here

I have finished my fundraising, will closing my page transfer the money to the charity/charities I’m supporting?

Payments will be made securely to your charity each month based on the new donations received in the previous month. You do not need to close your page for this to happen, it will automatically be paid.

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