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Why you should use Enthuse for your Discover Adventure events
Why you should use Enthuse for your Discover Adventure events

The benefits of using Enthuse for your Discover Adventure events

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Enthuse is the official online fundraising partner for each of Discover Adventure’s events. When participants register for an event via a DA website, a fundraising page will be created for them on the official fundraising platform, powered by Enthuse.

This is a frictionless and easy user journey – all without the need to create an account – which means participants can start fundraising for your cause sooner and raise more.
Fundraisers can choose to fundraise with alternative fundraising platforms if they wish, and it is not mandatory to use the official online fundraising partner, however the process will not be as frictionless.

This means charities that register with Enthuse will benefit from additional funds from participants who want to raise money for good causes, but who don’t have a charity place.

If a charity wishes to be removed from the Enthuse database they can be, but they could lose out on general and ballot entry participants across all of DA’s events and would have no online presence on any of the official fundraising platforms powered by Enthuse.

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