Optimising your fundraising pages

How to optimise your fundraising pages to increase donations and engagement.

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We have added some suggestions below to help you optimise your fundraising pages.

These changes can be implemented across your Profile page, Appeal and Event pages and Personal and team fundraising pages

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Setting up your page

Setting up your page

  • Add a fundraising target

  • Pin your fundraising page to the top of your profile page

  • Make sure your page is on brand with colours, images and text content

Adding an engaging banner image

  • Upload an image with the correct dimensions

    • Logo - The logo is currently displayed at a max of 120x120px.
      Anything in between 120x120px and 250x250px should work well.

    • Banner image - Minimum 435px wide by 200px high

    • Supported formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG.

  • Add sponsor logos to the banner with an image editing tool such as Canva or Photoshop

  • Draw attention to the ‘Fundraise for us’ and ‘Donate’ buttons with vibrant colours

Note: the charity logo sits above the banner image on the top left side

Editing the ‘About’ section & page posts

  • Add contact information for your charity

  • Add hyperlinks to resources about your charity or event

  • Add links to your charity website and social media platforms

  • Add images through an image hosting site

  • Embed YouTube videos

  • Add regular posts and updates once the event is live

  • More information here

Supporting your fundraisers

  • Incentivise your supporters e.g. send medals to your top fundraisers

  • Encourage participants to share on social media

  • Share links to our support centre’s sections for Fundraisers & Donors

  • Send regular emails to increase engagement

  • Encourage team participation and competition

  • Encourage fundraisers to Connect to Strava on personal fundraising pages

Customising the donation journey

  • Customise the donation checkout & add tangible descriptions about what the funds will support

  • Add a thank you message to the donation receipt

  • Add custom fields to capture more information about your supporters

Integrating your page clearly with your website/social accounts

  • Post the URL on social media

  • Embed the page URL in a button on your website

Adding tracking to your event to monitor traffic

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