Creating your personal fundraising page

How to create your personal fundraising page

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This article is for Fundraisers on the Enthuse Platform

Creating a personal fundraising page

There are a couple of ways to set up fundraising pages on our platform, depending on the kind of event or appeal the charity has created.

If the charity’s event page on our platform has a Register button, that means you need to register before you create your fundraising page. Just click the Register button and follow the steps to sign up.

If the event/ appeal has a Fundraise for us button, that means you can sign up without needing to a register a place (or maybe you’ve done it somewhere else already!). You will be taken through the following steps:

Step 1 - Your Target.

Here you can chose how much you'd like to fundraise, sometimes the charity will have entered a target for you. When you've entered your target, click continue.

Step 2 - Profile photo

To add a photo, click either Upload image or Upload from facebook.
If you already have a photo and want to replace it, click Replace profile picture.
You can also click "I'll do this later", however statistically speaking, fundraising pages with a profile picture raise more!

When you're happy with your profile picture, click Continue.

Step 3 - Header image

Sometimes this will already be populated by the charity. You can chose to use the default image, or Upload new image.

When you're happy with your header image, click Continue.

Step 4 - Tell your story

Here's where you can title your page and tell your story.
You can even include images, video, and links.

When you're happy, click Continue.

Step 5 - Customise your page link

In some cases, you'll be asked to customise your page link, you can call this whatever you want.

Don't be surprised if you don't get this option, as some charities prefer a more uniform URL.
Once you're happy with your URL, click Continue

Step 6 - Marketing preferences.

You'll be asked if you're happy to be contacted by the charity. Select your preference then click "Continue"

Step 7 - Spread the word

Congratulations! Your fundraising page is complete.
Here's where you can share your page directly to Facebook and X (formally Twitter), or copy your page URL to send elsewhere.
Here you can either preview your page, or click finish if you're done.

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