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How your fundraisers can thank their donors

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This feature will be available on all accounts and events from March 2024

When your fundraisers receive donations to their page, they’ll receive an email prompting them to click through to the page and say thank you. Enabling your supporters to celebrate their successes in this way drives engagement and encourages further donations 🙌

Key details of the new experience

  • Fundraisers can now thank their donors in 3 clicks; over 50% fewer clicks!

  • A mobile-first experience

  • Charity or Event branding in the emails

  • Improved UTM tracking when clicking through the emails

  • The fundraisers are logged in on click of the email (within 24 hours of receipt)

  • Dedicated landing experience for fundraisers to thank their donors

Insight from the initial rollout shows the new experience increases the number of thank you messages sent by over 80% 😍

The user journey

Donation notification is received by the fundraiser

When your fundraiser receives a donation, they’ll receive an email to let them know. It’ll look like the one below:

Example email notification for a fundraiser when they have received a donation

The charity name will appear in the subject line of the email: You've had a donation to your page supporting {charityName}

And the charity logo or event logo will show as the header image (instead of the raised hands example above). If your charity does not yet have a logo defined in Enthuse then the raised hands image will show as above.

Note: The content of this email is not currently customisable beyond the logo.

If the donor chooses to be anonymous, to hide their name or amount from the public, then the following additional text above the "Thank donor" call to action:


The donor has chosen to be anonymous to everyone.

Hide name

As the donor chose to hide their details from the public, they appear on your page as “Anonymous”. You may want to bear this in mind when thanking them.

Hide amount

The donor has chosen to hide their donation amount from the public, so you will only see their name and message on your page.

For donors who wish to be anonymous, their name will be shown as "Anonymous" in the email notification along with the test "The donor has chosen to be anonymous to everyone." above the call to action.

Here is an example of a donor who has asked to by anonymous:

Example email notification for a fundraiser when they have received a donation from an anonymous donor

Fundraiser clicks through to thank their donor

When the fundraiser clicks to view their page, they will be taken to their dedicated page where they can add their thank you message:

Example landing page for the fundraiser to thank

When they’ve posted their message, they’ll be taken to their fundraising page.

Thank you message posted to the fundraiser page

The thank you message will now show in the recent donations section of the fundraising page along with the donation amount, Gift Aid and message sent by the donor:

Example of donation message and thank you in the recent donations section

Donor notification of their thank you message

The donor will be notified by email that they have received a thank you message. The email contains the thank you message but also a clear call to action bringing the donor back to the fundraisers page so that they can share or maybe even donate again.

UTM tracking of the email notifications

UTM tracking has been enhanced on this email to give greater visibility and attribution of this user journey. This will be visible in Google Analytics if your charity account has it enabled; click here to learn more about connecting Google Analytics.


Fundraiser Notification

Donor Notification

UTM Source



UTM Content



UTM Campaign



What next?

Firstly, encourage your fundraisers to use the functionality. Make sure you are telling them about the functionality in your communications to new fundraisers.

Insight from 2023 events: Fundraisers who thank their donors typically achieve more than 20% higher page value compared to those that don't 😱

If you have feedback or ideas on how this can be improved, please share them with your CSM, Account manager or via [email protected].

A complimentary feature will start rolling out in March 2024 to highlight donations, the messages and thank yous within the fundraiser's updates to put them front and centre in the experience.

We will be adding more customisation to both these features to give charities more ownership of the experience in the coming months; H1 2024.

And finally, thank you and your fundraisers for all your feedback so far!

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