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How to add images, links and videos to your fundraising and event pages
How to add images, links and videos to your fundraising and event pages

Adding images, videos and hyperlinks to the About section on your fundraising page.

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The About section allows you to add details on your fundraising and/or event page.

This article will run through the different ways you can customise your page story.

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Editing the "About" section

Fundraisers and Charity Admins will be prompted to add details to the About section when creating the page. You can always edit the page at a later date using the 'edit event description' button - do make sure you are logged in first.

Charity Admins can also edit the event description under Manage > Event Pages > Settings > Edit.

Adding Images to the "About us" section

  • Log in to an image hosting site like imgbb.

  • Upload your image onto the site.

  • Copy the embed code.

  • Go back to the Event description

  • Click the picture icon

  • Add the embed code to the URL field

  • You can adjust the width and height and re-position the image within the text.

  • Optional: If you would like to hyperlink the image to a different webpage, add the URL under the Link tab.

  • Click OK

Adding a video to the "About" section

First head to YouTube (or any other video sharing platform) and find the video you would like to insert.
Locate the “share” button on that page and copy the link

Now head back to your event

  • Click Edit Event Description

  • Click the "play" button

  • Insert the previously copied URL in here

    YouTube will automatically resize this for you but you can amend the dimensions if you wish.

Click Save.

Adding a hyperlink to the "About" section

  • Click Edit Event Description

  • Highlight the text you would like to hyperlink

  • Click the hyperlink button

  • Add the URL

  • Click OK

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