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Adding Fundraising to Your Event
Adding Fundraising to Your Event

Turn on fundraising for your event so people registering for your event are invited to set up a fundraiser page.

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Our events allow you to add a fundraiser page setup as part of a seamless registration journey for someone registering to your event.

To connect fundraising to your event navigate to the Enthuse Event Platform and login.

Click Manage events > Event list and click on the event you wish to edit.

Click Event Setup > Fundraising in the menu.

Select the General Settings tab if it is not already selected.

Click the Enable toggle to turn it on.

Enter the overall fundraising target for the event in the Event Target field.

Enter the default event description in the Event page story field. This description will appear on the Donations and Fundraising platform. This can be edited later directly on the Event Page itself, however, later changes made here won't be reflected on the Event Page.

Enter the default text you want to appear on new fundraising pages in the Fundraising page story field. Fundraisers will be able to edit this and add their own if they wish.

Click Save.

This will turn on fundraising for your event and create the linked event in your profile in your Donations & Fundraising platform.

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