How to I customise my donation checkout for Mass Participation Events?

Customising and editing your donation checkout for Mass Participation Events

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  1. Log in to the Donations and Fundraising side of Enthuse, navigate to Manage > Connected Platforms

2. Here you can customise both the charity’s profile and checkout per event. To edit the checkout for one of the events, click ‘Edit Checkout’.

3. If you would like to disable donors leaving messages on fundraiser’s pages, untick the ‘Allow donor to leave a message’. Then just click ‘next’.

4. If you would like to disable donors adding their title, untick the ': Invites the donor to share their title during the checkout process'

5. If you would like to change the recommended donation amounts, you can edit the amounts and add a description of what that donation could help your charity achieve. You can also add monthly, quarterly and yearly donation amounts. When you have finished, click ‘Next’.

6. In Step 3, you can change the colours that are used in the checkout to match your charity’s branding, just copy and paste the HEX codes into the box. You can also add a checkout logo by clicking ‘Choose file’ under ‘Upload Checkout logo’.

7. In Additional Settings you can choose whether to allow Anonymous Donors and allow whether regular donations should only be made via Direct Debit as opposed to with Credit/Debit cards - they will also be able to customise their thank you email which will be sent out as part of the receipt. They will be able to test how this email appears by clicking 'Send test email’.

8. In the final step, you can preview how the checkout will appear to donors, if you’re happy with it, just click ‘Finish’.

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