How do I share our charity page for Mass Participation Events

Instructions on how to view your charity profile page for each event to share or link to.

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How to view and share your charity profile page for each Mass Participation Event

Step 1.

Navigate to Manage > Connected Platforms in the top navigation of the Donations & Fundraising back office:

The page will show a list of the connected platforms where you can "Edit profile" or "Edit checkout" for each:

Step 2.

Click "Edit profile" for the event you would like to view the profile page for and view the link.

This will take you to your charity profile page for that specific event where you can customise your branding and content but also view the live page by clicking "View your profile page".

The live page will open in a new tab and this is the link/URL that should be used to share with supporters. For example

Note: The "yourdomainhere" referenced in the above example is the domain used on the Enthuse platform which may be different from the domain used on your actual website.

You can deep link supporters to the fundraising page creation process by clicking the "Fundraise for us" button on your charity profile page which can be seen in the header:

The deep-link to the fundraising creation process will be in the following structure:

Note: The "yourcharityid" referenced in the above is the internal Enthuse charity ID.

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