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Match Funding - Everything you need to know.
Match Funding - Everything you need to know.

Add match funding to your event so that your supporters know their donations are being matched by your fundraising partner.

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Note: If you are setting up your fundraiser through the Event Registration platform you will need to make sure you have enabled fundraising.

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What is match funding?

Match funding is the ability to secure additional donations from a fundraiser’s workplace, grant maker or philanthropist. Fundraisers can double the amount they raise from their own fundraising efforts when using this capability, which will display the availability of match funding to donors via the fundraising page.

Match funding can currently be set up by Enthuse on behalf of an individual charity.

How to set up Match Funding on a campaign

Begin by setting up your main event page.
If you don't know how to do that you can find a walkthrough by clicking here.

Once you've done that follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Donations and Fundraising side of the platform.

  • Click Manage

  • Click Event Pages and filter to the Event you'd like to match fund

  • Click the Settings cog next to your page

  • Click Match Funding

This will prompt a Pop-Up Window.

Here is where you can enable match funding.

  • Match Funding Enabled - tick to enable

  • Match funding campaign name - this is the name of your match funding campaign which will be displayed internally on your reports

  • Match funder name - the name of the match funder for the campaign. This will be displayed on your fundraising pages and checkouts.

  • Match funding limit - the total match funding limit for this campaign. Once this limit is met no more donations will be match funded.

  • Donor match funding limit - Optional. You can set an individual donor match-funding limit to apply for every donor. Once this limit is reached no more donations will be match funded by the individual donor. Leave blank of you do not want a donor match funding limit.

  • Fundraising match funding limit - Optional. You can set a personal fundraiser page match funding limit to apply to every fundraising page. Once this limit is reached no more donations will be match funded on the individual fundraising page. Leave blank if you do not want a personal fundraising page limit.

  • Start date - date match funding becomes available.

  • End date - date match funding ends and will no longer be displayed on your checkouts.

  • Reset every X month - You can repeat match funding campaigns so that the funds become available again every X months. Leave blank if you would not like to repeat the match funding campaign.

  • Next reset date - Optional. If applicable, add the date the new campaign would re-launch.

  • Click Save.

How Match Funding will appear on Fundraising Pages

  • Donors will now see match funding on fundraising pages and on checkouts

  • They will see the name of the person match funding this campaign

  • They will see the overall match funding available

  • They will see the number of match funds remaining

  • They will see the end date for the match funding

  • If the match funding limit has been met they will see a message showing that no more match funding is available

  • On a checkout they will see how much their donation is going to be matched by

Reporting on Match Funding

How will charities be able to monitor the match funding raised?

  • You will see a new Match Funding tab in the Accounts section

  • Navigate to Accounts > Match Funding

  • You will see a list of all match funding campaigns

  • Clicking into a campaign will show a breakdown of all the individual donations and match funding amounts

  • Reports are exportable to CSV

Match Funding FAQs

Is match funding available on all event types?

Yes, match funding is available on all appeals / events.

How will match funds be paid out?

It is up to the charity / corporate to manage how the match funding will be paid out. Enthuse will provide the accurate reporting that can be taken to the match funding partner.

Can an individual fundraising page be match funded?

Individual fundraising pages (e.g. set up through the profile page) cannot be match-funded. The charity can always set up the match-funding campaign on the individual's behalf e.g. as a personal challenge event.

Will we show match funding on the charity profile page?

No, for now charities will only be able to apply match funding on individual appeals / events.

How does match funding work with recurring donations?

Match funding will continue to be applied to the recurring donation as long as there are match funds available and the match funding campaign is still live. After that point the recurring donation will continue but the match funding will no longer be applied. This will be reflected in a donors receipt emails.

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