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What are the Email Components/ Parameters and what do they do?
What are the Email Components/ Parameters and what do they do?

The parameters and components available when designing an email in the Events Platform.

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When designing an email within the email tool, you can add numerous email components and parameters in order to personalise the content of the email.

To access this section, from the Event Dashboard:

Go to Event Setup > Emails

Here you can edit existing emails or Create a New Email

On the left hand side you'll see a list of Email Components and Email Parameters

Below is a guide to what these components and parameters do and how they are used.

Component / Parameter Table


Use and Application


Fundraising Component

This forms part of the Fundraising Onboarding Email process - details of which can be seen here.

This component is only used on the Fundraising Onboarding emails - by default it is added to these emails so you are only likely to be adding this to an email if you inadvertently removed it.

Barcode Image

This creates a QR code that can be used at an Event to check a registration at Check-In.

Enthuse does not have a service to check these QR codes at this time, so would require an alternative programme to read the QR code and display the required information.

Merchandise Details

Displays details of any merchandise that has been purchased as part of the registration, or added to the Order at a later date.

Participants are able to add merchandise to their order, if permitted, by going to their Dashboard and browsing the merchandise offering available.

My Reg Link

Provides a link to the manage My Registration Portal with the following message:

Need to make a change? Visit our manage my registration portal to update your details.

If you can't take part you can transfer your registration to a friend - there is an admin fee of £X for doing this.

This is one component that will only work if the setting within the Events platform is used. The specific settings are under Settings > My Registration. Specifically, the settings relevant to this component are the My Dashboard, Registrations, and Transfers options.

View Ticket

Enthuse no longer support this functionality.

This is similar to the Barcode Image component - it opens in a webpage instead of viewing it on the email itself.

View Page

Provides button to access the Fundraising page created as part of the entry process, if activated.

Only recommended if Fundraising is enabled as part of the registration process.

Team Page Link

Provides a link to access the Team Page, if one has been created. If not, the link goes to the individual Fundraiser Page, if present.

This is only recommended if Fundraising is enabled on an event.

Order Number

Provides the Order Number that is unique to the transaction.

Note that this differs from the Registration ID - the latter will be unique to each individual registration. However, multiple entries may share an Order Number if they were all registered as part of the same transaction.

Order Name

The name of the person completing the order.

This may not be the same as the person named on the registration. This would be the case if the person paying for the entry is different to the person named on the entry (such as in the case of a parent registering on behalf of a minor). Alternatively, if you are using the Corporate Entry type and someone has created a group, they would be the name listed under Order Name, but you would have no registration from them specifically.

First Name and Last Name

The First and Last name of the person named on the registration.

In a similar sense to the line above, this may not be the same as the person listed under Order Name.


The Date Of Birth listed on the registration.

Note that you have the ability to remove this question if not required. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.


The Gender chosen by the registration, if answered.

This is another case of a question that can be removed or made optional if needed. If the configuration is changed to allow people to select "Other" (for Transgender/Non-Binary registrants), then the response recorded on the email is O.

Event Name

The name of the Event being entered.

New Events no longer have the ability to create sub-events within them. However, if you are using copied events the ability will still remain - but they will not pull through here as the Event Name, as it would still display the overall Event Name.

Bib Number

Shows the bib number that was assigned to the participant.

You are able to configure bib numbers on Each Entry Type - by default the sequence starts at 1.

Address 1, Address 2, City, County, Country, and Postcode

Provides details of the address fields completed.

Address 2 is an optional field when completing an address.

Mobile and Phone

Provides the mobile number and phone numbers left by the registrant.

Format provided includes the leading zero, but not the country code.

Wave Time

Provides the Wave Time that is assigned to the Registration.

The Wave Time function can be edited under Manage > Waves or Categories on each event.

Email Address

The email address associated with the registration.

Amount Paid

The amount paid by the registrant for both the Registration + Upsell.

Note that this does not include any merchandise that was purchased.

Ticket Name

The Entry Type/Fee that was selected by the registrant.


The currency in which the registrant paid for their entry.

This will be shown by use of the appropriate symbol.

Order PO Number

Provides a PO Number if added to an order to be paid by invoice.

This is a legacy feature that is not often used - please contact us if you require its use.

Team Name

Provides the Team Name either created by the registrant, or joined by them.

Following this list of merge fields, further fields will be provided for custom questions that were answered as part of the registration.

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