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Adding Participants to an Event as a Charity Admin
Adding Participants to an Event as a Charity Admin

Registrants can be added to events by charity users through the admin area of the events platform.

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Why can this be used?

This can be used when physical tickets are also being sold for events but you would like all registrations to be recorded in one place.

You can also import registrations onto your event . This can be used when there is a larger number of participants to register or if an event has been postponed.

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โ€‹Adding a registration

Adding a registration

Open your event and click the Manage Registrations tab

Click Add registration

Select the entry fee and click Register

Complete the registration form with the supporter's details

Click Save

You can then add a price to the registration using the cart, or leave it blank if there is no registration fee. This feature allows you to assign an offline payment to the registrant's records (e.g. if the participant paid in cash).

Complete the order details

Click Continue

The order will now have been processed.

The registrant will receive a receipt along with any other emails that have been enabled on the platform.

If the event is connected to Fundraising, the supporter will receive emails allowing them to access the dashboard and view their fundraising page.

Managing Registrations added through the Admin Area

These registrations will appear under Manage Registrations > Registrations along with all other registrations for the event.

You will be able to make edits to these registrations using the edit button in the same way you can do with normal registrations.

How will these registrations display in the reports?

The 'Method' column will display as ADMIN, not ONLINE.

The registration will still be assigned an Order ID.

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