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Importing Registrations on the Events Platform
Importing Registrations on the Events Platform

Upload a CSV file including registration data. This will enable you to quickly add participants to your event.

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Use cases: Postponed events; events that have been transferred from another platform; offline registrations.

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How to import registrations

How to import registrations

Open your event

Click Manage Registrations

Click Import Registrations

Select which event you would like the registrations to be imported into.

Select the entry fee you would like the imports to be registered through.

Tip: We would strongly recommend creating a separate entry fee for imported registrations only. You could always change the Visibility to Hidden so that it does not display on your main event page. This will be needed later when it comes to sending email receipts to these imported participants.

Open up the Download Template. This will show you the correct format for importing the reports.

At a minimum you need to provide the participants First name & Last name.

Once your file is ready, click Choose file to select the document you wish to import.

Note: If your import is linked to fundraising, the fundraising total will default to £100.

Click Import.

Check the headers of your upload to make sure they correspond with the the import template.

Click import to process the registrations into the system.

You can repeat the process for each group of participants if they belong to a different event or entry fee.

Tool tip: Imports will not work if they feature any 'non-Ascii code', such as: i, È, í. Should you receive an error message when importing registrations then we would advise you to check your file's data to see if it contains any of this code and remove it if so.

How to manage imported registrations in the admin area

Imported registrations will display with online registrations under Manage > Edit Registrations. The details on the registration form can be updated.

If the event is linked to fundraising, a fundraising page will be generated for each registrant.

How imported registrations display on reports

'Method' column will display as IMPORT, not ONLINE.

If the online registrants answered additional questions on the registration form when signing up, these fields will appear blank for the imported registrants.

Will imported registrations receive emails?

Imported registrations will not receive an email receipt. They will receive any other emails that have been enabled on the account.

This is why it is advised to add imported registrations as a separate entry fee so that a custom receipt email can be sent to these individuals.

Creating a custom receipt email for imported registrations

Click Registration Report

Click Create a new report

Name your report e.g. Imported registrations receipt

Click Save

Click Add Filter

Select Entry Fee

Select Is

Select the name of your imported entry fee

Click Add

Once added, click the Event Setup

Select Emails

Click Create New Email

Add a subject heading to the email e.g. 'Your Receipt'

Using the drop-down box, select the custom report you created

Using the email parameters, add in the order details. E.g. order ID, order name etc.

Tip: You might want to copy and paste the email receipt template.

Reminder: If the event is linked to fundraising, the imported registrants will receive links to the dashboard and their fundraising page in another email.

Once complete, click Save.

If all the imported registrants have been added, click Send.

A pop-up display will confirm the number of participants the email will be sent to.

Click Send.

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