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Running a test registration for my event
Running a test registration for my event

Testing the registration flow for your event prior to launching to your supporters.

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Before launching an event to your supporters we would always recommend running test entries first to make sure you are happy with the supporter journey. We have added a few tips below.

  • If you are a charity user make sure you use a personal email address, not the email address linked to the charity account as this will cause the order to error.

  • To complete a full test entry the event will need to be Open and Live. You cannot run a full test registration in 'test' mode. If you are still having trouble opening an event, check -

    • the event date

    • the dates on the entry fee under Event setup > Events & Fees > Edit (on entry fee) > Availability.

    • whether the event and entry has been hidden from public view.

  • By running a live registration you will be able to see all your enabled email communications. The parameters will be populated with the data from your registration.

  • If enabled, team and personal fundraising pages will be automatically set up as part of the registration process.

  • The test registrations will display on the registration report.

If your event has an entry fee, you can always change the fee to £0 whilst testing the registration process or you could apply a discount code instead.

Note: We would not recommend doing this for virtual maps as the virtual mapping fee will still be charged.

If you want to delete registrations after running a test, click Manage > Edit Registrations > Select participant from list > Click 'Order' > Click 'void order'.

If a fundraising page has been created you can close and delete the page.

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