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All about the Fundraising Onboarding Emails within Enthuse Events.

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If you are an Events user, you may know about the Emails section within each Event's Settings - especially if you have connected Fundraising to your event - so that registrants get a fundraising page automatically with their registration.

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โ€‹What are fundraising onboarding emails?

What are fundraising onboarding emails?

Onboarding emails are emails sent once a fundraiser signs up to your event in order to get them off to a great start fundraising.

To access this section, from the Event Dashboard:

Go to Event Setup > Email

Within the Email section, Enthuse offers a series of emails for you to use:

The last three emails on this list are the Fundraising Onboarding Emails.

They are fixed at 1, 3, and 7 days after registration - these have been found to be the most effective times to send people tips and ideas after they have created a fundraising page.

Upon opening one of the Fundraising Onboarding emails, you will see the following has been pre-filled within the text editor for the email.

The content of the {Fundraising Onboarding} component is described below.

How do the Fundraising Onboarding Emails Work?

These emails work by performing two checks:

  1. The number of days after the registration has been completed and the fundraising page generated - this is why we have the Day 1, Day 3, and Day 7 emails.

  2. Whether certain actions have been completed on the fundraising page that indicate a degree of completeness.

The second part of those checks is intended to ensure that a fundraiser does not receive the onboarding content (which we'll get to below) if they have already completed certain actions on their page - their page is already up and running.

What are these actions?

The system checks the fundraising page for the following items:

  1. Has the user received a donation on their page?

  2. Has the user uploaded a profile photo to their page?

These checks will run each time an email is queued to be sent by the platform - the email that is sent to the fundraiser depends on the following situation:

Profile Photo Uploaded

No Profile Photo Uploaded

Donation Made to Page

Fundraising Onboarding Complete - the Fundraiser will NOT receive an onboarding email from the system.

Option 1: Send an email encouraging the fundraiser to upload a profile photo to the fundraising page.

No Donation Made to Page

Option 2: Send an email encouraging the fundraiser to make a donation their own page

Option 1: Send an email encouraging the fundraiser to upload a profile photo to the fundraising page.

The system effectively prioritises getting a photo on the page first - then looks to encourage the fundraiser to get a donation on their page to get started.

This process is completed on each of the emails scheduled to ensure accuracy.

Onboarding Email Content

Depending on which email is triggered based on the above fundraiser actions, emails will look like this:
Option 1: Upload a Profile Photo

Day 1 email:

Day 3 email:

Day 7 email:

Option 2: Make a Donation to your Page

Day 1 email:

Day 3 email:

Day 7 email:

The intention is to present a non-linear narrative to get fundraisers started with their fundraising journey.


Is this text editable?

This text has been carefully crafted by our team after conducting research on how best to engage with fundraisers. At this time we have not enabled the ability to edit this text.

Can I remove the {Fundraising Onboarding} Component from the email?

The email system is reliant on the presence of that component in order to check the status of the Fundraising Page. Therefore, without that pre-built component, the email won't send.

Can I create my own emails instead?

If you need more customisation, you are able to create your own custom email from the Emails menu, where you can create your own text and schedule the email. However, you would not benefit from the automatic 'fundraising page review' process the system offers.

Can I add other items to the Email?

Yes, you certainly can. You can add in additional text and images etc. to the Fundraising Onboarding Emails - just don't remove or edit the automated component.

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