Charity fees
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Why does Enthuse charge charities a fee?

Enthuse exists to help charities raise more money for their causes online which helps them have more impact. We help thousands of charities process millions of every month.

Our award-winning technology saves charities millions in software development and hosting costs each year while providing them with the online fundraising tools they need to flourish. Because we manage the tech for charities, they get more time to focus on fundraising and funding their cause.
Our development team provides new innovations and ensures payments are processed securely through our robust and rigorous protocols and cutting-edge technology.

Developing technology for charities costs money. But the return on investment for the charity outweighs the cost of the platform, plus it frees up resources for charities to focus less on admin and more on altruism.

At Enthuse, we strive to provide the best-in-class online fundraising tools to charities, so that they can reach more people and help more people in need.

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