Searching for an event

Learn how to find an existing event.

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Searching for an event

To find an existing event that has already been created, whether it’s to edit or update the copy, open or close it, or delete it, you need to follow the below steps:

Log into Enthuse Events

Scroll down on the dashboard page, where you’ll find a list of upcoming events along with a search bar, as well as a list that highlights events that have received recent orders (registrations or ticket purchases).

You can also mark an event as a Favourite so that it appears at the top of the Events list every time you log in. To do this, click on the star icon. You’ll need to refresh the page to see the update.

Alternatively, in the top menu bar, you can click on Manage Events > Event List.

Here you can refine your search via event name, event created date or event date.

Once you have found the event you are searching for, click the "edit" button.

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