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Automatically import your data from Enthuse into Donorfy

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Donorfy is a charity CRM database for managing supporters, payments, events and more all in one place.

We now offer an integration with Donorfy to automatically import your fundraising data from Enthuse into your Donorfy database. This will be structured to fit in with how your data is stored in Donorfy.

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Set up guide

If you would like to set up your integration please fill in the form by clicking here

Note: Your charity must have an Enthuse subscription and the Request form must be submitted by with the role of Charity Administrator on Enthuse. We aim to respond to your request within 3 working days.

If the details submitted match the details we hold for your charity then we will send a password protected file with your Client Secret, Client ID and API Key.

Once you have these you can connect with Donorfy. You will need to download the Enthuse App within Donorfy and enter your Client Secret, Client ID and API Key. More details for the setting up the Enthuse App on Donorfy can be found here.

Data included in the integration

The Donorfy integration will send data on all new donations after the integration has been set up. This data includes:

Payment data:

  • Payment amount

  • Total fees

  • Payment date

  • Donation message

  • Payment method

  • Schedule status

  • Schedule frequency

  • Enthuse payment ID

Supporter data:

  • Name and title

  • Address

  • Email

  • Enthuse Supporter ID

Fundraising page data:

  • Page title

  • Target

  • Page URL

  • Start date

  • Enthuse fundraising page ID

Frequently asked questions

Will my events and ticket data be sent to Donorfy?

The current integration provides donation, fundraising and event payments data. If you have any other requests for data to be included in this integration please email [email protected]. We won't be able reply to individual requests but we are very interested to see what you want this to expand to next!

Will all of my donations data in Enthuse be sent?

Following the set up of your Enthuse API on Donorfy all new donations, supporters and fundraising pages data will be sent. Any data from before this will not be sent automatically, however Donorfy offer a manual CSV import option for your existing data.

A donation has been made but it is not showing up in Donorfy, what has happened?

The integration aims to provide your data within 15 minutes of any new donation or fundraising page being made, however sometimes the processing of this can take a bit longer. Please wait 24 hours for it to be processed before getting in touch with our support team.

Why does the Charity Administrator need to request the integration?

We take your data security seriously and so want to make sure we know who we are sending any of your information to. If you aren't sure what charity role you are, if you are able to add new users then you are a Charity Administrator.

I use a different CRM, is there an integration with that?

We are working on ways to get your Enthuse data into your data management tools of choice including looking at other CRM integrations.

We currently offer the ability to integrate with

We are always keeping our Integration centre up to date alternatively,
Please let us know if there is something in particular that would help your experience of using Enthuse by emailing [email protected].

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