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How to edit virtual journey milestone emails
How to edit virtual journey milestone emails

Some virtual journeys come with a communications pack—here's how to use it with the milestone emails

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Virtual Journeys from Enthuse are map-based challenges that help your charity engage your supporters and reach new audiences with a unique set of interactive features.

Certain maps, like the Santa Dash 10k & 20k, come with a communications pack with suggested email text which you can use for inspiration while updating the milestone emails.

Feel free to edit the suggested text with your own challenges, characters and information about your cause!

Follow the steps below to edit the milestone emails after you have downloaded the communications pack in your onboarding email:

Find your event under Manage Event > Event List

Go to the Emails section of your event under Event Setup > Emails

Click 'Edit' on one of the milestone emails (see screenshot below)

Copy the text for the milestone email from the communications pack and paste it into the text box to replace the existing text

Click 'Save', then repeat the process until you have edited all of the milestone emails with the suggested text in the communications pack

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