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What Scheduling Options do I have for my Custom Emails?
What Scheduling Options do I have for my Custom Emails?

Scheduling options for post-registration emails in Events

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When sending a custom email in Events, there are several options that are available to you as to when the email is sent.
For context, you are able to create your own customised emails (with their own design/targeting) in Events under Event Settings > Emails.

Scheduling allows you to plan ahead with your email campaigns - the emails can be uploaded into the system ready to be sent out on a schedule without needing to remember to manually send them.

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Alternatively, an event can also be filtered by participants listed on a Custom Report. Should this option be selected, you will not have the ability to schedule the email using either the 'Scheduled' or 'Specific Date' options listed above.

No Schedule

'No Schedule' means that the email is prepared to send without any rule-based logic in place. When you press the SAVE button at the bottom of the page, the email is then placed in a list under Email Campaigns - it can then be manually sent using the SEND button.


If an email is 'Scheduled', the system can be configured to send the email after a defined number of days and/or hours after a registration is completed. This leaves the email in a state of 'perpetual sending' - meaning that it does not need to be triggered manually, and can be left to handle its own sending requirements.

Specific Date

If a email is set to a specific date/time, the system will simply send out a copy of that email to all registrants at the specified date and time. Note that the time function on the tool can only be configured to send on the hour precisely - there is presently no function to define the 'minutes past' the hour.

Resending an Email

If you need to re-issue an email manually, you are able to use the Send button to push them out manually. If that email has already been sent (whether manually through the Send button or through whichever scheduling method you have chosen), the button will read Resend instead.

When re-sending an email, you have further options available to you:

Everyone - send to everyone, irrespective of if they have received this email before.

New Recipients - people who have not yet received this email (irrespective of why - they may have registered after the email was sent manually/scheduled for a specific date and time, or they may have registered but not received a Scheduled email yet due to the fact it is too soon after registration).

Not Opened - anyone who has not opened the email. Note that this would include people who had not been sent the email due to the regular scheduling rules that may have been applied to this Email.

Not Clicked - anyone who has not clicked on any link(s) that may be present in the email. Note that clicking ANY link in the email would remove them from this resend scenario. As with the other scenarios, this option would include people who have not been sent the email up to this point.

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