This article will explain how to create sub-events and how to create custom emails using custom reports.

Use cases

  • Great for more complex event set-ups where you may have different ticketing options depending on the date or region of the event. We also have a wave time article here

  • Custom emails can be sent to participants based on the sub-event they choose

  • You can create reports based on each sub-event


  • Do not work on virtual event types

  • You can schedule emails using sub-events but you cannot schedule emails using the custom reports

  • A custom report can only include one filter per report

Creating your event

  • Make sure you have selected the correct event type (reminder: not virtual)

  • Click 'Create a new event'

  • Enter the name of your first sub-event e.g. London bus

  • Enter the event dates & times

  • Click Continue

  • Add the event entry fees e.g. child, adult, early bird etc.

  • Click Create new event (top right)

  • Enter the details for the second sub-event

    • event date & time

    • entry limits

    • age limits

  • Click Save

  • Add your entry fees for the event type e.g. adult, early bird etc.

  • Make sure you select the correct event on the entry fee

  • Repeat this for all sub-events and entry fees within each sub-event.

  • Continue the event set up steps. For more support, you can always refer to specific articles on each event type.

  • Once your event is set-up you can always use the Test button to preview your page.

  • Example for a General Registration event -

  • Example for a ticketed event -

    Custom reports and custom emails

  • You can access reports on registrants within each sub-event by clicking Registrations report (top left) or under Advanced > Reports.

  • To add the reports to an email, click Settings > Emails > Create new email

  • Add the details to your email

    • Subject

    • Event (select the relevant sub-event)

    • Add email content using email parameters on LHS

  • The email send time can be scheduled

    • No schedule - send when participant registers

    • Scheduled - select no. of hours/ days after registration

    • Specific date - select a specific date

    • Alternatively, the email can be disabled and then sent using the Send button once ready

  • Click Save

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