We’ve made Enthuse Events better for you, giving you more value and more flexibility. Our new, industry first, Registrant Fee Cover (RFC) feature can reduce your event running costs by giving the registrant the option to cover all fees upon registration.

This setting is automatically enabled on all of your events and it can be disabled under Advanced > Event Preferences > Payment settings.

  • RFC will only apply to paid entries.

  • When registrants reach the review step, they will see a checkbox asking them to cover associated fees.

  • The fee will be enabled by default but registrants can disable it.

  • Below you'll see how the review stage looks to registrants with RFC.

How will RFC appear in your reporting?

  • You can see the fees covered in the registration report, audit report and any custom event reports.

  • You can see whether the fee was covered as Yes / No or N/A if the fees were not shown to a registrant

  • You can refund the fee cover amount if you need to.

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