We support QR codes (labelled as barcodes) sent via email using the custom emails in the back office of the event.

Participants can view the QR code in the email sent on any device which can also be scanned on the device. They can still print off the QR code ticket if they prefer.

  • Create your event

    Tip! QR codes work with all event types.

  • Once you have created your event, click Settings > Emails

  • Click Create new email

  • Under Email components, click on Barcode image to pull the parameter into the email

Customising the email

You can add a name and subject to the email at the top e.g. Here is your e-ticket

You can also schedule the email -

  • No schedule - email will send when registration is processed

  • Scheduled - email will send at a scheduled time / no. of days after registration

  • Specific date - email will be sent on a specific date after registration

You can also pull in the different parameters under Email Parameters e.g. registration name which will then populate when the email is sent to each participant.

How will this display for the charity and in the reports?

The charity will have a unique Registration ID included in the Registration report for each QR code. The QR code would not be visible to you as the charity. For the registrant, it would be an image added to a custom email.

Any smartphone should be able to read the QR code and you can download free QR code apps.

Email display -

Reporting display -

The QR code can only be used to verify participants at an in-person event and link them to the barcode on the registration report. If the QR code is incorrect then the barcode will not display.

There is no additional functionality that will track the number of QR codes that have been scanned or automatically match these to the registrant.

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