Event pages linked to the Event Registration platform include a Register button so that supporters can sign up and register to the event. For example -

If the event is linked to fundraising, then donors will be able to donate through the personal or team fundraising pages. For example -

If you would like donors to be able to donate to the event without going through a fundraising page you can add a Donate button to the Event Description section.

  • Make sure you have created a unique checkout for your event through the Edit Checkout button.

  • Copy/ note down your event checkout URL. This can be found under Step 5 Preview.

  • Select a Donate button image in line with your event page branding.

  • Use the file to an image hosting site like imgbb. You will need to login.

  • Upload your image onto the site.

  • Copy the embed code.

  • Open your event page

  • Click Edit Event Description

  • Click the picture icon

  • Add the embed code to the URL field

  • You can adjust the width and height and re-position the image within the text.

  • Add the checkout URL under the Link tab.

  • Click OK

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