Searching registrants on your event

  • Click into your event

  • Click Manage

  • Click Edit registrations

  • You can use the filters to search all entries

    Number - order number of participant

    Team - team name of participant (if applicable)

    Status - status of registration

    Filter by event - if the event has sub-events

  • Click Search

Updating an exiting registration

  • Click the Edit icon next to the registrant

  • This will open their registration form

  • Deleted Questions - if questions on the registration form have been deleted since the participant registered, these will display here.

  • Once the updates have been made, click Save

  • The new details will pull through to the registration report

Once updated, you will see the following confirmation message.

How can I check the order details linked to the payment?

  • To view further details about the order, click the Order button.

  • The order details are linked to the payee (if the event has an entry fee).

  • These details can also be updated and saved.

  • You will be able to see how many orders the payee has made e.g. if they have purchased tickets for multiple participants.

  • Refunds, partial refunds and cancellations can be actioned here.

How do I re-send an email to a registrant?

  • From the Order Details page, click on the Emails Sent tab.

  • You will be able to see the emails that have sent and their status to make sure they have not bounced.

  • If the email is incorrect you can correct it on the registration form as explained above.

  • The Resend button allows you to correct the email address and send the email again.

How can I keep track of updates made to a registration?

  • The registration report will be updated when details are edited on the registration form.

  • The Logs tab under the Order button will also keep track of changes made to the registration.

How can I make changes to a registrant's personal fundraiser page?

The participant will be able to access their fundraising page through the My Reg Link email parameter. This will take them to their personal dashboard where they can log into their fundraising page. If a charity user needs to access a page to assist a fundraiser -

  • Click Manage > Edit Registration > search participants > Click Edit

  • Open the orange autologin link next to their registration.

  • This will take you to their dashboard. Click View Fundraising Page.

  • Once logged into a personal fundraiser page, you can -

    • Check Strava is connected and linked to the correct Strava account

    • Update the fundraising page name, event page story and profile picture

    • Add photos and post page updates

    • Add manual activities (if it's a virtual event)

    • Updating fundraising and activity targets (dependent on event settings)

How can I make changes to a registrant's team page?

  • Follow the steps above for the team captain's registration.

  • Once you have logged into the team captain's personal fundraising page, click through to their team page.

  • If you do not know the team captain, this information is available under Manage > Teams. This article provides more details.

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