All event types have the following features:

Different ticketing options

Fundraising page creation

Top fundraisers list

Strava integration

Customisable emails

Customisable registration form

Additional features: waiting lists, waves and categories, merchandise

Here's a summary of the differences between event types:

This is what the 'Register' button looks like:

The Corporate Event Type has the 'Register' button, but the option to either buy a whole team or claim a team place with the password the lead booker was emailed:

  • Lead booker buys team, selects members and receives a password via email.

  • Teammates use password to access the registration form and claim their team place.

  • If the individual who claims the team places and purchased the team also wants to be a member of the team they will need to register using the password as well.

  • Individual entries can also be added that are not linked to the ‘claim a team place’.

  • When a team is purchased, and the team places are reserved this will appear in the reports as ‘reserved registration’ until the team members register and their details will be added.

  • The password can also be found under Manage > teams.

This is what the 'Drop-down ticket' selector looks like:

  • With this selector, one individual can purchase multiple tickets by filling out one registration form. This feature can be enabled under Advanced > Event Preferences > Ticket Settings > enable ‘multiple tickets per registration’.

  • If this setting is left deactivated, the participant can complete a registration form per ticket.

  • This can be used with families as you can create an adult and child entry fee.

This is what team fundraising looks like in Step 2 of the Registration form if it is enabled:

  • ‘Create’: allows the supporter to create a team. There is also the option to invite friends to join the team by adding their email address. The participant who creates the team and registers will become the team captain and have full access to the team page.

  • ‘Find’: allows the supporter to search for the team name of the name of the team captain. This will add the individual to a team that has already been created.

  • The ‘club or team component’ will appear like this on the registration form under the ‘Settings’ tab (drag and drop the box to move it):

This is what team fundraising looks like in Step 1 of the Registration form if it is enabled:

Finally, this is what the activity leaderboard looks like:

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