Team fundraising pages

Fundraisers can choose to create and join teams when they register for events. When a charity user sets up an event they have the option to enable or disable the team component. If the event is linked to fundraising, the participant will receive a personal fundraising page which is linked to a team page.

All donations made to the personal fundraiser page will pull through to the team total.

If the participant is using the virtual event type, their activity will also pull through to the overall team activity target.

Team captains

The first participant to join a team becomes the team captain. They have full access to the team page and can make updates to the page through the dashboard.

Adding an existing entry to a team

If a participant signs up but forgets to join a team, they can be added to the team by a Charity Admin. The team page must already exist in order for the registrant to join the team.

To add the fundraiser to the team -

  • Click onto the Event

  • Click Manage

  • Click Teams

  • Click Add existing entry to team

  • Search participant's name

  • Click Save

How can supporters find a team?

Registrants can search for a team name or the name of the team captain using the Join a team feature on the registration form. This will assign them to the team once they have completed the registration process.

Charity users can also share a unique team link that will automatically add participants to a team without them having to search for it on the registration form.

  • Click on the Manage tab

  • Click Teams

  • Click Edit next to the selected team

  • Copy the link to join URL

When the participants opens this link they will be automatically assigned to the team.

Can a charity create teams in advance for fundraisers?

Teams can be created in advance by Charity users. If the event is linked to fundraising, the fundraising page will not be generated until the first registrant signs up.

  • Click Manage

  • Click Teams

  • Click Create a team

  • Complete the details for the team. The only mandatory fields are Team name and Email.

  • You can add a maximum number of entries per team or leave this at 0 if it is unlimited.

  • If the team is searchable then registrants will be able to share it through the Create and Join a team button on the registration form.

  • Click Save.

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