Adding Entry Limits

Before creating a waiting list you will need to make sure an entry limit has been added to your event. Entry limits can be added to the whole event or to certain entry fees. To add an entry limit across the whole event -

  • Click the Settings tab

  • Click Events & fees

  • Click Edit

  • Add the entry limit to the event

  • Click Save

    You can also add the entry limit to different entry fees where the ticketing options may have different entry limits.

  • Click the Settings tab

  • Click Events & fees

  • Click Edit on the entry fee

  • Add the entry limit to each entry fee

  • Click Save

Creating the Waiting List

  • Click the Manage tab

  • Click Waiting Lists

  • Click Create a New Waiting List

  • Add the number of days the invite is valid. If a place is offered to an individual on the waiting list they will have this number of days to claim their place.

  • Select the entry fee options that will be available on the waiting list. If you know that a certain entry fee will not have any additional spaces available then it does not need to be added to the waiting list.

  • Click Save.

  • The waiting list can always be updated and disabled.

Once your event/entry fee(s) are full. The waiting list will be displayed on the main event page.

Supporter can then click Join to add themselves to the waiting list. They will need to add their first name, last name, email and date of birth.

Once added, the supporter will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to the waiting list.

Offering Spaces to Individuals on the Waiting List

  • Click Manage

  • Click Waiting Lists

  • Click Offer a Space

You will then be able to send an email to the supporter offering them a space. The invite is active for the number of days selected when creating the waiting list. You do not need to update the entry limits as the supporter will be able to register through the email link.

Participants on the waiting lists can also be emailed through the custom emails. Further support articles on custom reports and custom emails can be found here.

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