Our Events platform allows you to add merchandise options to your event.

To add merchandise to your event:

  1. Select your event.

  2. Select Advanced Settings in the menu > Merchandise.

  1. Select settings

  2. Enable merchandise sales

  3. Click ‘Add a new product’

  1. Enter the details for the merchandise, the mandatory fields are highlighted with a red asterisk.

  2. You can add an image of the merchandise by clicking ‘choose file’ and selecting a photo from your files.

  1. You can also enter details regarding the ‘max number per entry’ as well as optional pricing for postage.

  2. Click options available to create options for your merchandise.

  3. This will add a merchandise option to your event.

  1. When you are ready to save the information click the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

You can also limit the date that your merchandise is available to participants.

  1. Click the ‘Event Setup’ tab.

  2. Click the ' Registrants Dashboard' tab

  3. Click the ‘Merchandise’ tab.

  4. Ensure that the option to allow participants to buy and edit their merchandise up to the date listed below is enabled.

  5. Select the date you would like merchandise to be available to.

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