What makes a Virtual or Hybrid event type different to the other event types?

  • Activity can be tracked on a leaderboard.

  • Participants can manually upload activities and/or integrate with Strava.

  • Charity uses can choose which activities are allowed through Strava.

  • You can pre-set target distances for your fundraisers or allow them to choose their own activity target.

  • Sub-events cannot be created with a virtual event type.

  • This event type does not have to be used solely for virtual events.

Perfect for: Fitness tracking events, Races.

  1. Log in to Enthuse Events.

  2. Click the Create An Event! link at the top.

Event Details

  1. Event Name: Enter the name of the event.

  2. Event Type: Select Virtual from the dropdown.

  3. Date field: Add the event start and finish dates.

  4. Start & End Time: Add the the start and finish times.

  5. Virtual Event Format: Choose either a Target Based Event or a Race.

    1. Target events allow you to set a target time or distance that participants must complete within the allocated time.

    2. Race events are a traditional race format where a participant will complete 1 event on a specified date and time - only their race time will be counted towards the event.

  6. Event Activity Target: Select choose the required distance and distance unit that registrants must complete.

  7. Manual Activities: Decide on how you would like to accept manual activities. A Manual Activity is any activity that has not been logged 'live' through Strava.

    1. Do not allow manual activities for this event - this prevents participants from manually uploading activity onto their fundraising page. The participant must therefore connect to Strava and log 'live' activities only.

    2. Allow manual activities to be entered via Strava - participants can manually upload activities through their Strava account e.g. if they forgot to record their activity.

    3. Allow users to add manual activities on their fundraising page - this allows participants to add manual activities directly onto their fundraising page but not through Strava.

    4. Allow all manual activities - Manual activities can be added through Strava and directly onto the fundraising page.

  8. Allowed Activities - Specify which type of activities you would like to permit through the Strava integration.

  9. Address: Enter the address of the event by selecting Add.
    Tip! This is an optional field for Virtual Events, don't feel compelled to add it if it is not required.

  10. Click Continue.

Create a New Event

After clicking Continue, the following screen will pop-up - it is largely to be used in order to validate the details entered in Event Details. However, there are some additional settings in here that you can use.

  1. Entry Limit: If there’s a limit on the number of people who can enter, enter the number in this field.

  2. Start Bib Number at (optional feature) - Enter the bib start number in the field.

  3. Gender: Select any gender restrictions from the dropdown. Note: This field can be removed from the registration form.

  4. Minimum Age: Enter a minimum age for the event.
    Note: This can be changed on a ticket level within the event.

  5. Maximum Age: Enter a maximum age for the event.
    Note: This can be changed on a ticket level within the event.

  6. Age On Date: If you want to calculate the age of participants from a different day e.g. the day of the event rather than the day of registration, select the date in this field.

  7. Visibility: If you want to hide sections of the event from public view, select Hidden from the dropdown menu.

  8. Click Save.

Adding an Individual Entry Fee

Individual entry fees are the ticketing options available when participants sign up.

To add an individual entry fee, click New Individual Entry Fee.

Details (Tab)

  1. Entry Fee Name: Enter the name for this ticket/registration option.

  2. Event: If you have more than one sub-event, select the sub-event you would like to connect the ticket/registration option to.

  3. Entry Form: Select the registration form you would like to connect to this ticket option.
    Tip! You can edit the default registration form and create unique registration forms for each entry fee under Settings > Registration forms.

  4. Logo: Upload an image to display next to this entry fee.

  5. Entry Fee: Add the fee. This can be different for each fee.

  6. Service Fee: Optional field where the fundraiser can cover the service fee.

  7. Description: Additional entry fee details can be added here.

  8. Can create/join team: Gives the option for participants to create and join teams.

  9. Team is required: Joining a team can be required of participants.

  10. Join team only: Participants can only join teams, not create them.

  11. Visibility: To hide this entry fee option from the event page, select Hidden from the dropdown. This will generate a link so the entry fee is only accessible to those who have received a copy of the registration link.

Availability (Tab)

  1. Start Sales On: Enter the date when you want this registrations to become available.

  2. Available From: Enter the start time when the registrations open.

  3. End Sales On: Enter the date when you want registrations to close.

  4. Available To: Enter the time when you want registrations to close.

  5. Entry Limit: Enter the entry limit for this entry fee.

  6. Minimum and Maximum Age: Enter a minimum and maximum age for the entry fee(s) e.g. if you have a child and an adult registration option.

  7. Password Protect Form: You can password protect entry fees and share the password created with fundraisers.

Event Branding

Change the background

First, click Theme.

You have three options:

  1. Use a pre uploaded image: Click Select a Pre Uploaded Image. Use the arrows to cycle through the options and click the image to select it.

  2. Use a background colour: Click the Set a background colour field. Select a colour using the colour picker or enter the RGB code.

  3. Upload an image: Click Choose File. Select the image from your computer and click Open.

When you’re finished, click Update.

Change the button colours

  1. Click Theme.

  2. Click the Button colour tab.

  3. Click the colour pickers to change the colours on your buttons.

  4. Click Update.

Upload Image Banner

  1. Click Upload a Banner Image to add an image banner to your event page.

  2. Click Choose File to select an image from your computer. The image must be smaller than 1MB.
    Tip! The best dimensions for a banner image are 733x260px.

  3. Click Update.

Add Pre Text

The pre-text field sits above the entry fee(s) and under the event banner image on the event registration page. We recommend including information like start time, end time, and distance in this section.

To add pre text:

  1. Click Add Pre Text.

  2. Add the event details. You can use the buttons at the top to format the text.

  3. Click Update.

Add Post Text

Post-text appears below the entry fee(s). To add post text:

  1. Click Add Post Text.

  2. Add text. You can use the buttons at the top to format the text.

  3. Click Update.

  1. Click Add Sponsor Logo.

  2. Click Choose File to select an image from your computer. The image must be smaller than 1MB.

  3. Enter a title for the image in the Title field.

  4. Add a link to the sponsor’s website in the Link field.

Click Continue.

Your Preferences

Manage My Registration

  1. My dashboard - allows donors to access the dashboard an login to their fundraising page.

  2. Registrations - allows donors to edit their registration details after they’ve registered. Note: this will update the registration details in the registration report.

  3. Transfers - allows participants to transfer their place to someone else. Enter a date in Available Until to set a date when transfers will no longer be allowed. Enter a fee amount in the Fee field to set an amount a participant will be charged for transferring their place.

Click Continue.

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