Step 1 – How to edit/change order entry details

  • ‘Manage’ – ‘Edit Registration’

  • Type in the name/surname of the participant in relevant boxes. It will then bring up their entry.

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button at the right-hand side of the entry; this will bring up the participant’s details:

  • You can edit any part of the registration form, i.e. name, surname, address, dob, email address - in this case, email address. Scroll down to the relevant box and ensure the email address is displayed correctly, if not, amend.

Step 2 – How to resend a confirmation email

  • On the same screen (‘Edit Entry’), click on the order number (black button on the right-hand side of form, e.g. ORDER #123456). This will bring you into their order.

  • You will now see 3 tabs across the top: ‘Order Details’, ‘Emails Sent’ and ‘Logs’. Click on ‘Emails Sent’: this gives you a record of all email correspondence you have sent out to the participant’s email address.

  • Click on ‘Resend’ (show below):

  • This will then bring up a pop-up box with the email address you wish to send the confirmation email to again. Double-check the email address is correct and click ‘Send’.

  • If you have completed Step 1 (as mentioned above – ‘Double checking order entry details’), the email address should have automatically updated. If not, amend the email address in the pop-up box to what it should be.

This will send the participant a new email receipt for the event they have registered for.

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