Adding in a sponsor logo is a great way to showcase your sponsors on your registration form. Instead of adding in a sponsor logo, you can utilise this option as another way of placing your logo/company branding on your registration form. However, it will not appear on your registration form saying ‘Sponsored by’ if you choose to just upload additional company branding.

  • ‘Settings’ – ‘Design’ – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Add a Sponsor Logo’ button (circled in red below):

    The following screen appears:

  • Upload an image saved from your computer; this needs to be 'gif', 'png', 'jpg' or jpeg' and have a file size of 1MB or less.

  • Enter the title in the ‘Title’ box, as shown above.

  • Enter a link to your company logo to your company website – simply enter your company’s website URL into the ‘Link’ box.

  • Click on ‘Save’.

Your sponsor/company logo will now appear at the bottom of your registration form

Users can now be directed to your company by clicking on your company logo when registering.

If you wish to add in more than one sponsor/additional logo, follow the same process once again.

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